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Dr. Thorne Music By Ilan Eshkeri

Doctor Thorne is a 2016 three-part television drama adaptation of the Trollope novel Doctor Thorne scripted by Julian Fellowes .Mary Thorne, penniless and with undisclosed parentage grows up under the guardianship of her uncle Doctor Thorne. She spends much of her formative years in the company of the Gresham family at Greshamsbury Park estate. As they close on the world of adult cares and responsibilities, the past starts to impinge and the financial woes of the Gresham family threaten to tear relationships apart.

The series features a beautiful classical score by composer Ilan Eshkeri (Kick Ass, Stardust, Coriolanus…) with accents of waltz and chamber music.
The series has been available on Amazon Prime since May 20, 2016.

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