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Tangerine Music By Various Artists

On Christmas Eve, transgender prostitute Sin-Dee Rella, who has just finished a prison sentence, meets her friend Alexandra, who is also a transgender prostitute, at Donut Time. Alexandra informs Sin-Dee Rella that her boyfriend and pimp Chester has been cheating on her with a white cisgender woman. Outraged, Sin-Dee storms out of Donut Time to search the neighborhood for Chester and Dinah, the “fish” he has been sleeping with.

Tangerine is a 2015 independent comedy-drama film directed by Sean Baker and written by Baker and Chris Bergoch. Baker was inspired to make the film by a donut shop near his home in Hollywood, CA.

The film will be released in theaters on July 10, 2015 courtesy of Magnolia Pictures
Tangerine features a pumping, high energy soundtrack filled with exciting Trap, electronica, pop songs by up and coming LA producers and artists. The soundtrack to Tangerine is a window into the current undeground electronic scene in LA.

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