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Nicolas Winding Refn Presents: The Wicked Die Young Music By Various Artists

The fourteen tracks on this compilation represent the various ideas I had while preparing THE NEON DEMON and each song represents a specific emotion. Some of the tracks are from the past and some are from the present including new material by Cliff Martinez. Julian Winding, and Electric Youth.
Since I wanted my film to be both a horror film and a melodrama with camp, glitter, and vulgarity, as well as comedy and of course a little science fiction, all these various tracks made me able to step into a parallel world to tell the story
.” Nicolas Winding Refn

The Wicked Die Young is the companion album to the soundtrack to The Neon Demon. It features an eclectic and smart selection of music that inspired Nicolas Winding Refn when he wrote and directed The Neon Demon.

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