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Hate-Cafe-Au-Lait – hires

Hate / Cafe Au Lait Music By Various Artists

Hate (La Haine), winner of The Prize for Film Direction at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival is the film that put French director, Mathieu Kassovitz on the map internationally. Hate tells the story of three young men from a rough Parisian suburb during one night in Paris and the tense relationship between the police and the youth in the urban ghettos around Paris.

The soundtrack to Hate is a hip collection of songs by Bob Marley, Cameo, Gap Band, Isaac Hayes, Expression Direkt. This album also includes the soundtrack to Mathieu Kassovitz‘s first feature, Cafe Au Lait, with French hip hop songs by Assassin, Timide Et Sans Complexe, Les Little, Zap Mama.

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