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Summer Wars Music By Akihiko Matsumoto

Following the release of the soundtracks to Wolf Children and The Boy And The Beast, Milan Records is proud to release the soundtrack to Summer Wars, a new Japanese animation directed by Mamoru Hosoda.

Worlds collide in a tale where virtual reality meets actual reality. When Kenji Koiso is pulled from Oz—a popular social networking realm—to play “fiancé” to classmate Natsuki, he faces a mess of challenges. Between the boisterous and bickering characters of the Jinnouchi clan and the sudden chaos in Oz, Kenji and his new companions must learn the importance of coming together to face the toughest of odds.

The original music of Summer Wars is from the Japanese acclaimed composer Akihiko Matsumoto.

Release date is scheduled on November, 25th of 2016.

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