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The Machinery – cover art

The Machinery Music By Lasse Enersen

The Machinery is an action-packed Swedish thriller series set in the borderlands between Norway and Sweden with original music by composer Lasse Enersen (Cold Courage).

Olle Hultén is a regular family man. After a company outing he wakes up on the ferry between Sandefjord (Norway) and Strömstad (Sweden), with no clue how he got there. Next to him there is a bag filled with money, a gun and a ski mask. Olle has no idea what’s going on and no memory of what’s happened, but when the police chase him his instincts tell him to run. He sets off on a violent hunt for the real robbers. 30 million Kroner have been stolen from a cash repository in Sandefjord and several people were killed in the process. Olle is on his own, trying to find the people who are framing him. His only chance is to clear his name before the police catch up to him – but why has he been targeted?

The Machinery is directed by Richard Holm (Gåsmamman, Heder and Johan Falk). Martin Persson and Karolina Heimburg at Anagram Sweden are producing. The Machinery aires at Viaplay in 2020.

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