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The Wheel of Time: Vol. 3 Music By Lorne Balfe

The Wheel of Time Vol. 3 album marks the third and final volume of music from the first season, following the release of The First Turn themes album and Volume 1 and Volume 2 soundtracks.

Composed by Lorne Balfe for Amazon Prime Video’s world-building fantasy series, this album features original vocal and score music for the remaining episodes in the show’s first season.

This soundscape includes a number of vocal contributions performed in Old Tongue, a language specific to the series. Balfe has enlisted a group of talented vocalists to perform on the soundtracks, including singer-songwriter and frontman of chart-topping Britpop group Go West Peter Cox, pop/folk singer-songwriter Abby Lyons, folk-Americana quartet Our Native Daughters and more.  

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