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    Listen to “Going To The Country” from the soundtrack to Learning To Drive

    Composers Dhani Harrison (son of George Harrison of The Beatles) and Paul Hicks composed the Indian-influenced score to the sweet romantic film, Learning To Drive. Take a listen to their composition Going To The Country. Broad Green Pictures is releasing Learning To Drive on August 21. Soundtrack available on CD & digital on August 21.

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    Listen to three tracks by Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips from Mistress America

    The duo, Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips, are not strangers to the cinematic universe of writer/director Noah Baumbach. They had contributed music to The Squid & The Whale. The pair has reunited with the prolific director to compose an unforgettable 80s / synth infused score to Mistress America. Talke a listen to three tracks of […]

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    A note from director Craig William Macneil – “The Boy”

    A NOTE FROM DIRECTOR CRAIG MACNEIL ABOUT THE SCORE TO “THE BOY” I take an unusual approach to building a film, starting with a concept for a soundscape, then translating those aural ideas into visual representations. Hauschka’s music was a huge inspiration for me during the The Boy’s development’s stage. Informing so much of the […]

  • Horner-Annaud

    James Horner – “Wolf Totem”

    dfad Milan Records is honored to release James Horner‘s score to Jean-Jacques Annaud‘s Wolf Totem. The epic and moving music is one of the latest projects composed by James Horner prior to his tragic accident on June 22, 2015.

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    “I will buy this for a dollar!” – ROBOCOP LP has landed!

    The eagle has landed! The ROBOCOP 2xLP designed by Jay Shaw is finally ready. Check out these tasty photos.